Choir Music Resources

We’re excited to have you a part of the choir for Easter. Here’s all the info you will need:


Rehearsal 1(no band): Thursday 4/6, 6:30pm in room 116
Rehearsal 2:(with band): Thursday 4/13, 6:30pm in auditorium
Easter Runthrough: Sunday 4/16, 6:30am in auditorium
RESOURCES(click the names, they’re links)
Bass Files                 Bass Youtube Playlist
Tenor Files              Tenor Youtube Playlist
Alto Files                  Alto Youtube Playlist
Choir part specific youtube playlists uploading now. Alva internet is quite slow.  Should be uploaded by tomorrow morning. Watch for that email.
PLEASE SPEND TIME PREPARING. It will make things much more enjoyable for everyone.
Contact Mindy if you have questions about parts.  Contact Cole if you have a tech question.
Love you all very much,
Cole and Mindy